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Universal Laptop AC Adapter With Dual USB/LCD 90W

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Product Id: US902UDB


AC Adapter:

  • Input: AC 100~240V 1.8A (50-60Hz)
  • Output: 14.5V / 15V / 16V / 16.5V / 18.5V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V (90W Max)
  • USB output: 5V 2.1A (10.5W Max)
  • Mainbody dimention: 147*70*18mm (L*W*H)
  • Net weight: 295G
  • Black colour

Package Information

  1. 1 x 90W Universal Ultra Slim LCD Laptop AC Adapter
  2. 1 X Power Cord for wall charger
  3. Connectors: 12PCS (Standard: M1 -M12)


  1. The 18mm-thick ultra slim design.
  2. Double chipset innovation provides constant true voltage automatically with low consumption.
  3. Built with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection.
  4. Innovative connectors design provides required voltages and polarity.
  5. More than 35 types of removeable connectors for option, can fit most of Laptop/Netbook/Tablet PC.
  6. Colourful LCD display show the output voltage and working information.
  7. Dual 5V 2.1A USB output fit for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet PC, Mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, GPS, etc.


Model Output Voltage Tip Size Fit Machine Brand  
M1 15V(90W Max) 6.3*3.0mm Toshiba  
M2 16V(90W Max) 5.5*2.5mm IBM, Lenovo  
M3 16V(90W Max) 6.5*4.4mm Sony, Fujitsu  
M4 18.5V(90W Max) 4.8*1.7mm Compaq, HP  
M4B 18.5V(90W Max) Bullet tip Compaq, HP  
M5 19V(90W Max) 5.5*2.5mm Acer: 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;
Asus: 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;
Detla: 19V/2.64A, 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;
Gateway: 19V/2.64A, 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;
Hasee: 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A;
IBM: 19V/3.16A, 19V/4.2A;
NEC: 19V/4.74A;
Toshiba: 19V/3.42A, 19V/3.95A, 19V/4.74A;
Lenovo: 19V/4.74A;
Liteon: 19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A, 19V/3.95A, 19V/4.74A etc
M6 19V(90W Max) 5.0*3.0mm Samsung  
M7 19V(90W Max) 5.5*2.1mm Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon  
M8 19.5V(90W Max) 6.5*4.4mm Sony  
M9 19.5V(90W Max) 7.4*5.0mm Dell  
M10 20V(90W Max) 3 holes Dell  
M11 20V(90W Max) 7.9*5.4mm IBM, Lenovo  
M12 18.5V(90W Max) 7.4*5.0mm HP, Compaq  
M13 24V(90W Max) 7.5*2.5mm Apple G4 series AU $6.00
M14 18.5V(90W Max) OVAL HP AU $6.00
M15 19V(90W Max) 5.5*1.7mm Acer AU $3.00
M16 16.5V(90W Max) Magnet tip Apple Macbook Pro AU $6.00
M17 18.5V(90W Max) Magnet tip Apple Macbook Pro AU $6.00
M18 14.5V(90W Max) Magnet tip Apple Macbook Air AU $6.00
M16B 16.5V(90W Max) Magsafe 2    Apple Macbook Pro Retina: 16.5V/3.65A. AU $6.00
M17B 20V(90W Max) Magsafe 2    Apple Macbook Pro Retina: 20V/4.25A. AU $6.00
M18B 14.85V(90W Max) Magsafe 2    Apple New Macbook Air : 14.85V/3.05A. AU $6.00
M16C 16.5V(90W Max) Magsafe    Apple Old Macbook Pro : 16.5V/3.65A. AU $6.00
M17C 18.5V(90W Max) Magsafe    Apple Old Macbook Pro: 18.5V/4.6A. AU $6.00
M19 19V(90W Max) 2.5*0.7*10mm    Asus: 19V/2.1A etc. AU $3.00
M20 19V(90W Max) 4.0*1.7*12mm    HP: 19V/1.58A etc. AU $3.00
M21 19.5V(90W Max) Octagonal / Chip inside    Dell: 19.5V3.34A etc. AU $3.5
M22 19V(90W Max) 3.0*1.0*10mm    Samsung: 19V/2.1A etc. AU $3.00
M23 19.5V(90W Max) 4.5*3.0*12mm 
Chip inside
   Dell: 19.5V/2.31A etc. AU $3.5
M24 19.5V(90W Max) 4.0*1.7*12mm Bullet    HP: 19.5V/2.05A etc. AU $3.00
M25 20V(90W Max) 5.5*2.5*12mm    Lenovo: 20V/2A,20V/3.25A,20V/4.5A etc. AU $3.00
M26 19V(90W Max) 4.0*1.35*10mm    Asus: 19V/3.42A; 19V/2.37A; 19V/4.74A etc. AU $3.00
M27 19V(90W Max) 4.5*3.0*10mm    Asus: 19V/3.42A; 19V/4.74A etc. AU $3.00
M28 20V(90W Max) Square 11*4.5*11mm    Lenovo: 20V/2.25A; 20V/3.25A; 20V/4.5A etc. AU $3.5
M29 19.5V(90W Max) 4.5*3.0*12mm Blue tip    HP Envy: 19.5V/4.62A; 19.5V/2.31A etc. AU $3.00
M30 19.5V(90W Max) 4.8*1.7*10mm Long tip    HP Envy: 19.5V/3.33A; 19.5V/4.7A etc. AU $3.00
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