Smart Sport Bracelet - BL86

Smart Sport Bracelet BL86

Products Id: BL86

Product Parameter
Screen Size: 0.96 inch
Chipset: Nordic-51822
Heart Rate Sensor: Support
Battery: Li-ion Polymer Battery 80mAh
Bracelet Size: 245 *23 * 10.5mm
Bracelet Weight: 36g
Wrist Strap Material: TPU
IP grade: IP67
Accessories: Bracelet, User Manual, Charging cable
System compatibility: Android 4.4 or above, IOS 8.0 or above
Three Color for select Silvery, Rose Gold, Silver grey

Sales Price: AU $35.88

Rose Gold:
Silver grey:

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Product Description:

Package include:

  1. 1 * Smart Sport Bracelet
  2. 1 * Charging cable
  3. 1 * User Manual

Package Function:

  1. Heart rate monitoring:
    Maintainirg a good heart rate can help you achieve the desired effect
    Use exact algorithms to record your real-time heart rate change
  2. Measure your blood pressure at any time
    Wearing the bracelet on your hands can measure your blood pressure directly, allowing you to keep track of your blood pressure, exercise and health.
  3. Real-time blood oxygen monitoring
    Blood oxygen is also an important indicator of the human body. Don't do strenuous exercise when your blood oxygen level drops. Please note that the data measured can not be used for medical reference.
  4. Real time recording of motion data
    Please keep your Bluetooth phone on and make sure APP is paired with bracelet.
  5. Path of particle
    You can record movement tracks in APP, and you can save movement data.
  6. Remote control camera
    Turn on the remote control camera function in APP, and shake your arm to take a good picture.
  7. Not find the bracelet? Let the app help you!
    In APP, turn on the find Bracelet function, bracelet will use vibration to prompt its position.
  8. Wrist lift to start
    Lift your wrist, and gently turn the bracelet, bracelet screen will show.

Waterproof heart rate Bracelet. Your private health housekeeper. Record each moment of your boday.

Bracelet real shot show: Comfortable experience, Experence technology, High practical value

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